Peerless Watercolor “palette”

amuse studio

I love watercolors and have many mediums already on hand…but when A Muse Studio introduced Peerless Watercolor Sheets in their new catalog, it was something I just had to try!  There are several YouTube videos out there and I have not yet tried to watercolor with them…I first wanted to make this little traveling “palette” of watercolors first.

The watercolor swatches are mineral inks in dry form on 2 x 2 1/2 pieces.  The idea is to dip your wet brush on to the paper to grab some color.  The “active” side looks nothing like what the real color turns out to be so this palatte makes it easy to show the true colors plus, I like to think I can make my watercolors last a bit longer this way.

After some research, this is how I made my Peerless palatte:

1.  I cut some Bristol watercolor cardstock (from A Muse Studio) down to 8 1/2 x 11 and scored it down the center.

2.  I cut small pieces of carpet tape (about 1/2″ – 3/4″) and laid out the pieces 8 across and down 5.  You can find printouts online if you want a graph on your paper to have it line up perfectly but I just eyeballed it.  see below – you can click to enlarge

amusestudio peerless palette1

3.  Next I went through and cut all of my sheets into 1/2 and then in half again so I am left with 4 pieces… I use one now and that leaves me with 3 “replacements” as the color gets used up.  below:  The left side is the watercolor and on the right is the back side of the piece which shows it’s actual color.  I tested it with my waterbrush on some watercolor paper to show how close the two are.

amusestudio peerless 2

4.  Next shown are all my watercolor swatches laid out – for the most part, I left them in order as they came in the package.  I tend to stress out over which shade should go first or the order of shades so I just decided to leave it as is.  You could do a swatch test (like above) to get the exact color order you want.  I did take my waterbrush and make a sample of each color below the watercolor swatch so I will know what the true colors are.  Click to enlarge.

amusestudio peerless 3

5.  The last step was recommended at one of the sites I checked out.  You can lay a piece of Clear Cardstock (A Muse Studio carries this) in the center – this protects the watercolors from rubbing off on each other and makes a sort of palette if you want to blend colors as well.  I decided to cut a piece of Clear Cardstock into half, giving me two panels each measuring:  5 1/2 x 8 1/2.  I attached these clear strips at the top with Washi tape and so they can lift up and lay flat – or close and lay flat.  See below.

amusestudio peerless 4

I’m now ready to start painting and this easy enough to back for my to take on vacation!