a•muse|studio Your Party Supply HQ!

amuse studio, handmade treat bags, party supplies

amuse studio, Cinco de Mayo party decorations

What?  Amuse Studio carries party supplies?


paper straws

wooden spoons and forks

treat bags – small and medium – kraft, polka dots and stripes!

cellophane and glassine bags

crepe paper streamers

and then all the other fun do-dads to decorate including these pink edges circle dies, stitched tag dies, brads and flowers…

everything you need to make personalized party invitations and decorations!

amuse studio, handmade treat bags, party supplies

oh, we carry stamps too!

Featured are:  Fiesta and Hola Amigo – Cinco de Mayo

OMG Cake – Past Monthly Collections (available while supplies last)

You can browse online here...and if you want A LOT?!?

consider our sign up special going on this month…it’s FREE!

amuse studio consultant

pay $25 to get your basic supply starter kit PLUS a $25 product coupon!

It takes just 5 minutes to sign up as a new amuse studio consultant and I’d LOVE to have you join my growing creative team!

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