CTMH Retiring items

I’ve just spent two hours trying to post on my computer and no luck! I’ve tried downloading updates, moving closer to the WiFi and even drove over to Best Buy and the computer I’m eyeing has to be ordered. I’m frazzled! But I did want to share some items that are retiring in addition to the papers, inks and stamps!

There are so many incredible items that are now while supplies last! I know there will be lots of new goodies in the next catalog but nothing like this … just saying!

Oh, and a great economical way to stock up on some paper is to purchase our 12 and 24 CUSTOM packs of paper! You can choose two sheets of each color in any combination you’d like!

Hopefully I’ll be back on Wednesday with a normal post — I’m typing from my phone right now as my computer reboots itself again…. Argh! Shop my website http://www.chrisfranco.ctmh.com and get entered into my Mystery Hostess rewards drawing automatically!