CTMH Holly & Ivy

I am so excited about this card! See that deer?! I cut it out from my CTMH Cricut bundle and figured out how to do it all by myself! If you don’t already have a few deer images like I do — then you are in luck! Close To My Heart has released new SVG digital files that work on electric cutting machines. Check out this Holly and Ivy Digital Art Collection. Keep reading until the very end if you want to see what I had to do to cut this deer file…

About My Card

So for this card I used CTMH’s new Holly & Ivy paper pack. It has rich, traditional colors with a few interesting patterns thrown in. Currently I am designing a Christmas card workshop using just this pack. Love it! This card will definitely end up in the workshop! I also used CTMH’s Tags and Tabs thin cut die bundle. Can you see that little touch of Gold Foil paper at the bottom of the one tag? I love Gold Foil paper on holiday cards!

One more really cool detail that I love is that touch of snow at the bottom of the deer tag. I picked up this tip years ago and during my craft room (aka utility room) clean up this weekend, rediscovered it. Rub two Styrofoam disks together to scrape and rub off flakes of Styrofoam. It makes a lovely snow and isn’t “too messy”. ha ha. I keep it all contained in one container.

This card did have two major mistakes on it as a result of my late night crafting and the fact that I made it in one sitting! I normally work on my cards in bits and pieces. First, I glued my panel onto the card upside down. Rats and then my sentiment was a little whacky at first. So glad the foam was still pliable and I could fix it in the morning when I spotted it.

To create the sentiment I merely trimmed a thin sliver of that patterned paper down and cut out the words I wanted to use. So easy and I love the pop of red!

Stretching Your Cricut files

As a Cricut Access member you do have access to older CTMH bundles but I have most of the cartridges so I try and use what I have first. Finding these bundles as been tricky for many people. This is how I find mine….

Under Ownership, click on the purchased — that narrowed my images down to 6,000+! Next I typed in deer in the search bar.

I had these 11 to choose from and the deer I wanted was part of a card! But, with some hiding and welding and something else (which I don’t remember but I just kept playing until I got what I wanted!) — voila! I had my deer. She is perfect. I may use one or two of these yet for my workshop. Stay tuned!

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  1. I love this card, and I can’t wait to make it! In fact, if I have enough paper, I may want to make a few like this, so you might want to cut extra deer? yes, that is the problem with giving people enough paper to make extras…


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